What is Makker:

Makker turns your drone into a game and improves your flying skills. The Makker app will track your precision when hovering and log flight times when racing your friends.


Sign up and join us in the making of Makker

"The first gear that turns your drone into a game and makes you a better pilot"


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What you get:

Makker consists of 1 Tag + 3 Marks + The Makker App.

How to use it:

Simply place the Tag on your drone and the Mark's on the ground to form a track. When your drone passes a Mark the Tag will give you direct visual and audiable feedback. 
– it’s as simple as that!

When you connect with the Makker App you will also get split times, lap and race times and time hovering over a mark and you can monitor your progress.


Become a better drone pilot with Makker. It will challange your skills and keep you motivated. Turn your world into a playground.